The Stalker

Just imagine yourselves on a houseboat holiday/vacation and thinking you were being stalked by a huge Saltwater Crocodile well Peter Horn and his wife Jane and their two young children got the fright of their lives seeing this huge and not so Timorous Beastie. Seems they were anchored only a few meters away from it and had been for a few days. Reckoned to be over 6.5 metres (21.32 feet) long and a metre (3.28 feet) wide it sure must have been a worrying sight for them; these Salties as they are known colloquially are also man-eaters, very worrying but. His Daughter said it would make a fierce pet and I agree. I don’t really wish to be a killjoy but I reckon it was the Saltie’s territory where they anchored personally still life is full of surprises in Australia’s top end as its known. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

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