World’s Biggest Aviation Event

It seems that flying fanatics (count me in I just need the airfare lol) are flocking to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA for an annual fly-in of the Experimental Aircraft this week. The world's biggest aviation event will draw a huge crowd hopefully to Whitman Field; they’ll see 10,000 aircraft from all over the United States, ranging from early biplanes to the latest military jets. Some guy called Paul Poberezny thought of this idea in 1952 so I read here [Aviation ]I recall going every year to the Farnborough Air display with my father each September in the UK which I thought was really beaut as I am mad about space, aircraft and also ships and yep even those old tall ships (I just love them) so I reckon this would be great to go and see. It sure will be a great site I reckon. We certainly have come up in the world in aviation when you consider that the first manned flight took to the air on December 17 at Kitty Hawk field North Carolina USA in1903 until a manned landing on the Moon on July 21 at 0617 Eastern Australian time in 1969. The mind boggles well mine did, still does at all of this and sadly I haven’t the time to put down a lot of other achievements in this field. I will make a mention though of those women who had the courage to take to the skies like Nancy Bird of Australia and Amy Mollison better known as Amy Johnson my Father recalls servicing her aircraft once he told me. Of course there are now many; also there were a lot of Soviet women pilots in WW11; but I digress. So this event will sure to be great to go to. All you lucky folk who will go I just wish I could accompany you ah well one never knows I guess I might catch next year’s. `````````````````````````````````````````

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