Something a little more relaxing

I was browsing on You tube today after an horrendous night the result of a visitor who stayed the night and no it is not what you are thinking either lol.
the visitor was in fact a bloke who lives opposite and had a bottle of Wine he then drank his way through a couple of bottles of Port of mine which I have had now for 18 months or so which I drink on occasion but not often; I was feared for the fate of my Irish Whiskey I'll give you the drum my chance came to hide it when he had to go visit the Bathroom.
When he got back I tactfully suggested it was time to go beddy byes It was broad daylight by then.
I thought I was saved at one stage around midnight I guess When a friend called me up on Yahoo but it was not to be so I apologised and signed out.
When he finally departed with the sun I made a quick cup of tea and did a draft to blog as I had been on You tube at the time looking at some videos of Whales and their language
I thought they were simply great so here are two video clips of them I hope they please you as much as they did me me.


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