It seems I have been corrected on my blog re the Bush budget submission.

After reading it I have to admit I did not research the subject enough; I have learnt that lesson today for sure.

This is an edited account regarding Medicaid sent to me by a friend from the USA.


Well! Now let me explain to you how Medicaid works! If you have the "Gold Card" you are entitled to free ER visits whenever you want. This silly bit of legislation was in response to some sob-sister saying she was denied care. So Medicaid recipients--and 90% of those are not working or really disabled--get free care in the ER. If Miss Medicaid makes a doctor's appointment, she has to be there at a certain time, and has a $2 co-pay. Why bother with that when you can just drop in at the ER when the movie is over? The whole premise of free ER care is that people will use some sense in deciding when a visit is necessary. Wrong! Welfare favourites—for an example a woman who came in by ambulance for an ultrasound (at 2 AM) to see how far pregnant she was, so she and her new boyfriend could plan their vacation

A woman and her son who had just flown back from a vacation at Disneyland, and although neither of them was sick, she thought they should be checked for SARS, just in case. They come for tetanus shots (free at the local clinic and you have 48 hours from the injury to get your vaccine), splinters -- the nurse could pull that splinter out--bee stings--why buy benadryl for $4 when you can get it for free at the hospital--and run up a $400 bill? The people in trouble are the "working poor", those working as clerks in Wal-Mart, or sweeping the floors at the mall. They get penalised for trying to work, by being denied any health care. They can't afford the $300 plus it takes to buy insurance and have to actually pay for the antibiotic if their kid gets an earache. They are the ones a kind nurse would find samples for or ask the doctor to order a dose given in the ER, and slip in a dose for them to take home. And the old people-- more than once medical staffs have lifted a body out of someone's car--the spouse was afraid to call the ambulance because of the expense. Private insurance requires that you call and get an OK for any medical visit or procedure. If you do not do this, they will not pay--not the very first thing you think of when your kid has a broken leg. But no call, no pay. SO--I am of the opinion that something needs to be done to stop the leaks in Medicaid--a nation-wide REASONABLE health care system with insurance for everyone could be supported on what we waste on Medicaid!

And some more than welcome info on The Gold card or what is known as the Medicaid card.

All you have to do is not be working and have a dependent child. So, getting pregnant is the key to getting the card.

It seems Most have figured that one out! If you have a child, you get welfare, free housing, food stamps and class A-1 free medical care. Not much incentive to go to work is there. It was designed for women who were left on their own to care for a family--and has become an industry in itself. And when you're maxed out with whatever number of kids your state allows, you start working on your disability--a bad back is a good one--you can't prove or disprove back pain. States vary in how many children will be supported, and of course that is challenged on the grounds of religious rights. Oregon and Idaho are quite liberal, and people are moving north from California where it is getting tighter. If a woman has a child under school age, she is not even required to look for work. So the kids are usually spaced about 5 years apart.- Men are not eligible, but will usually look for a woman with several children and free housing, and the ADC (Aid to Dependent Children) gives a cash allowance for each child--it is not generous, but all living expenses are already paid--and the Boyfriend usually ends up using this money for whatever his favorite recreation is.

I am not suggesting we cut back on the care of veterans--anyone who served the country should have free care. Anyone who is really disabled--mentally retarded, severely injured, or mentally ill should be cared for--and they are getting the least care as they are not able to figure out the system.

Here's an insurance approval story, speaking of the mentally ill. I heard a nurse was taking a break from ER and working in a psychiatric ward. The hospitals in town had consolidated, and the smaller one was now the psych facility. Admission of patients required that the patient travel across town for a physical evaluation in the ER first. It was a large city, so it was some distance. A man showed up at the psych hospital, obviously disoriented, hearing voices, and threatening to hang himself--and he had a rope with him! This particular nurse was called to the lobby to deal with this. The guy was indeed psychotic, and had scars on his wrists and neck from a previous suicide attempt. His wife, who was out of town, was working, so he had insurance through her job. The nurse called to try and get approval for ambulance transportation to the main hospital. Now the people you talk to when you call are not medical people they are trained by the insurance company to enforce the company's rules. The situation was described in some detail, and it was suggested to send him by a bus. It was explained he was psychotic and disoriented, and travel by bus was dangerous for him and the general public at large. The reply was "Well, he'll just have to drive himself." "But he's intent on hanging himself!” explained the nurse. "the reply","Can't you take the rope away from him?" this actually happened.

This may give you a better understanding of our medical system.


After reading this I felt duty bound to post it and I must admit it shocked me somewhat.

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