Climate change

I guess it is all connected with global warning. IS THIS OUR FAULT AS HUMANS? Yes I do believe it is; I discussed this very briefly with a friend of mine from Idaho today who asked for my take on it so I figured on blogging it as I know she reads my blog. I sourced it from the BBC but there are many other sites who say similar things. I can recall once on a visit to the UK in 1987 to see some kin of mine one of my brothers there scoffed at my suggestion at the hole we had in our ozone layer in the Southern Hemisphere was caused by fluorocarbons and said he was not concerned with our plight; I notice there is or was one in the Northern Hemisphere but my brother being the man he is or was did not care one iota; a selfish man a very selfish man indeed. I checked of course on this site before making a fool and liar of myself Ozone hole repairs and it does appear as though it is gradually working the hole up in the Northern Hemisphere it seems is quite large now I wonder how that brother of mine feels now nothing probably. Evidence that these holes were dwindling actually led the major industrialised nations to cooperate in reducing production so all up there were 93 nations hopefully more now. This chart below is some indication I guess. The predictions do not look good I’m afraid IPCC PROJECTIONS Probable temperature rise between 1.8C and 4C Possible temperature rise between 1.1C and 6.4C Sea level most likely to rise by 28-43cm Arctic summer sea ice disappears in second half of century Increase in heatwaves very likely Increase in tropical storm intensity likely. I know I did read once that by around 2035 or so it would be terribly hot here in Australia so I guess the same could be said of countries in the Northern Hemisphere. It is happening without a doubt ice bergs are already melting one wonders at times whether other stuff we do like mining and drilling helps as the Earth is tilting more and more on its axis. What about all these mining companies and oil companies who are benefiting from huge profits as indeed are our governments; do they really care? Personally I don’t think so as long as their bank accounts get fatter why would they complain yeah why indeed a good question. It is my considered opinion these so called fat cats look further than their bank accounts as the day will surely dawn when their own dependants will be just like the rest of the common herd all because of GREED.

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