Australian Federal law is an ass led by an ass

I am more or less repeating what I read in the Melbourne Age today; well no not all of it; it seems that a general obligation for our federal government to protect its citizens overseas has actually never been recognised.

So it seems once again poor David Hicks has been abandoned what a terrible thing this is.

His American Military lawyer was quite surprised by this comment he thought it very annoying to see David Hicks treated in this manner un American like I think he said well yes but it is also un Australian like as well.

I notice that Dick Smith a well known Australian entrepreneur has chipped in A$10,000 towards David’s costs even though he is not a supporter of him the reason you may ask why is quite simple in this country we believe in giving somebody a fair go, David is not getting one; Dick knew this; good on yah Dick.

The Arch Bishop of Melbourne is concerned over the fact that the US government had picked on certain things in the Geneva convention to suit themselves well I concur with that what is more how can the Bush Regime refer to the Geneva convention I was not aware that Al Qaida was a signatory to this document such hocos pocus

Its about time Howard Ruddock and company you did something about this whole bloody mess now; Blair brought his back you can do the same.

Seeing as you unwillingly made this country a part of the US led coalition demand at least that he is tried in this country, at least he will be in much better conditions than in the cess pit run by the US government Guantanamo Bay.

Let him at least have the judgment of his peer’s Australian peer’s not American ones the US government is not to be trusted I mean it was never elected fairly was it well Bush was not.

This bloke is wasting away here along with many more I might add at the Bush administration’s discretion.

All of you politicians are alike all tarred with the same brush and all you really care about is your public image and money; one must never forget the money angle with you mealy mouthed lot.

The sooner you are ousted from power the better for us all.

Ruddock well he is the worst of the lot hard nosed bastard even his own daughter disowned him at some of his decisions as I recall.

Honest John yeah well he does like to parade about walking or wearing his Mao style Chinese jacket.

The simple facts remain fly over and make it known to Bush you want something done today not in a few years time.

He has been there just over 5 years now without a trial did you mention it to Deputy Dick on his unwanted flying visit? if so why have you not told us the idiots who voted you in.

At least I know I never voted for your Party and never will.


  1. Thought this might interest you.

  2. Thank you for your comment, yes it did interest me a lot; capitalism leaves a lot to be desired at times.
    I am not a lover of Communism of course and never will be but the blatant acts of Bush and his cronies !! words fail me, one wonders why the Good old USA has military bases all over the world and yet I have never ever noticed a Foreign Military base on US soil, food for thought I think.
    It is one reason why the average foreigner despises Americans; The wrong way to think of course as the average American is just an ordinary person like most of us.
    The US Government is to be despised not it's citizen's.