This appears to be a full time job

Unpaid of course but who cares at my age as I sure don’t but it does seem that in between blogging e-mailing chatting to friends and playing games with one really good friend, that I spend simply hours on these machines pictured here. This one here is a computer I purchased at graysonline an Aussie mob similar to eBay in a way a great site I recommend it. Note how slim it is compared to the other one I have I was amazed how it performed as well very fast much faster than my older desktop which by the way I reformatted so it should perform much faster in my opinion. I should I think point out here that when I first started computing quite some years ago now it was my youngest son’s idea in fact he gave me one the motherboard monitor keyboard the lot. I still use it it’s the one on the far right I have of course updated it since then new case new CPU graphics card burners but I will always be grateful to him for this. He arranged the purchasing of this dinky one; it has however much more bandwidth than the first one I just paid the cash I now use this new one mainly for video editing which I found was not as easy as I thought however I shall get there in the end I never give up like a dog with a bone I guess. This I find makes a change from my usual rants on here tell you what I’ll do a rant tomorrow if I have the time of course.

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