Australia is banning the old style light globe

Some facts not mentioned in this article or not explained fully are that it will not necessarily cut down ones power bill by this action as to gain the full benefit of fluorescent lighting one must leave it on all the time as most of us know or should know the frequent switching on and off of this mode of lighting will increase your power bill make no mistake. Of course I was not aware that the normal humble light globe or bulb as some call it affects our greenhouse gas emissions at all. I also know through my history that in the 1800’s a Hungarian invented a light globe that never ever blew like our old ones we used and is locked away in a secure place in the USA and yet these globes are the ones used on military and possibly civilian aircraft makes you think huh? You know what I think I think it’s a load of old cobblers just to boost the sales of fluorescent tubes globes whatever. Just our capitalism at work is all. Now if we cut out fuel emissions from our vehicles now yes that does make sense but a light globe come on give us a break. (Malcolm Turnbull Environment Minister Australian federal government) [Live Science] and [Aussie news]

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