Here we go again more studies and weird stuff

You won’t believe this will yah scientists are now researching how we smell I could give em a few reasons ONE we have a nose a bloody obvious one yeah I know.

TWO did we have a tub this morning.

THREE this mob here are just telling us what we all flaming well know I mean who really wants or needs to know the sniffing process get real youse mob will yah.

This one is from the Uni of New London it doesn’t matter which Uni I reckon it’s just a load of B/S and yeah that can smell to high heaven; put them on to studying Elephant’s crap course; they will need step ladders to research that thoroughly them big jokers eat a lot I know I have seen it.


On this same site I read that while government leaders argue about the practicality of reducing world emissions of carbon dioxide, engineers and scientists are trying to find out about cement; it seems cement accounts for around 8% of our total carbon dioxide emissions.

A croc of garbage I reckon when you look at other things that DO cause emissions and therefore climate change.

Quite frankly I reckon we have left this problem a bit late now thanks to certain world leaders dragging the chain on this subject

I really love this one a Dutchman was fined $97,000 for spam it seems he e-mailed 9 BILLION Cripes for erection pills we all know it is Viagra like the site says there probably is a headache pill spam message awaiting him in his junk mail folder


Well this Sheila never smelt that’s for sure after 4 days in a bathtub in Linz still I guess the water froze over or something still firemen rescued her from her plight not funny really as the lady in question was over 80 years of age, it seems neighbours heard knocking noises one lucky lady.

From the same site I found one filthy bastard who was wanking in a men’s rest room eyeing up other users using the facilities provided in a proper manner bloody pervert

A prominent public health expert name of Tilson a Doctor no less 67 years old as well no Viagra for him then he doesn’t need it.

Plus this little error ah well accidents do happen just think if this had happened to one of us a huge law suit would be on the cards

A surprise Chimp Born at La. Sanctuary

In a mysterious bit of monkey business, a female at a chimpanzee sanctuary has given birth, despite the fact that the facility's entire male chimp population has had vasectomies.

Ah somebody just felt sorry for one of em I reckon at least this Chimp was not like this Tilson joker.


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