Why are we not acting on this Prime Minister?

You are a weak minded individual sir

Why do you not send one of our naval warships out there as the New Zealand spokesman for conservation cannot he says but also says the weather could turn at any moment down there; you know this you would not get off your ass to look into David Hicks until public opinion forced your hand; now it seems you are having a torrid time on that subject as most of the world knows but to return to the in my opinion illegal whaling activities ACT NOW not tomorrow but NOW.

You sent our Air Force and Navy to rescue that idiot from the UK who insists on yachting single handed around the world but not to save the pristine conditions of the Antarctic it seems.

Summon the Japanese Ambassador and make our feelings known on this matter; I do believe we are an anti whaling Nation that dam Japanese ship is just drawing attention to itself do something or are you just going to let it ride like this government did when the dam French conducted nuclear tests in our own backyard.

So I suggest you make certain the Japanese Government is mindful of us the public’s view on their arrogant attitude.

At times I do wonder who actually won the last war against these people methinks they came out in front handsomely.

Threaten them with trade agreements increase the price they pay to import our beef when or if they retaliate look into the export tariff systems.


They’d get short thrift from me if it was possible in any way that they would drown out there without upsetting the environment I’d let them not because they are Japanese but because they are killing off beautiful animals when there is no need to do so today.

All this B/S about scientific research is now a bit thin I reckon; You can buy whale to eat in Japan go there and find out; quite a few Dolphins suffer in Japanese waters did you know? well they do and are eaten.

Most of the world knows this at least the whale is protected in Australian waters; this will drag on an on knowing you

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