American presidential elections

How America elects its President's

I did learn something new on reading this report from the BBC it seems Americans do not directly elect the nominees they the voters do not, technically, participate in a direct election of the president. They choose "electors", who are pledged to one or another candidate. This is known as the Electoral College.

In almost every state, the winner of the popular vote gets all the Electoral College votes in that state.

So it seems a candidate can win the presidency without winning a popular vote.

Something I did not know I found this info very interesting and to me as an Australian very strange indeed.

It seems the road to the White House is long, complicated and expensive according to this report I read on the BBC News.

Regarding the election itself these are always held on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

It apparently costs a heck of a lot of Dollars on the campaign trail, delegates chosen in the State primaries select the nominee but the party usually knows who has won by then.

I have to be honest here I really cannot understand a bar of it but thought I would try and explain to some folk in other countries who are as dim witted as me on this subject.

All I really know about it is that the present incumbent and we all know who that is; is finished as he cannot hold office for more than two terms although this was not always the case so I read once.

So with a bit of luck Americans may well see its first woman President from what I have read at least.

And the reign of George the second will be gone hopefully for ever.

A very strange thing has just occurred to me America defeated a George the third when they declared their independence in 1766 their final victory was at Yorktown in 1781 well to be honest I did know that little snippet.

Oh well

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