Would you honestly kill these? I could not

How the Japanese and not only the Japanese but certain European countries can even think about murdering these gentle giants of the ocean is beyond my comprehension.

These animals breathe air just like us play and have fun just like us have sex and reproduce just like us.

We are indeed a cruel species to do this in my opinion.

Ok so we do eat livestock you may well point out and you’d be correct but then these creatures eat as well and bear in mind all you pro whaling mobs some types of whales do indeed eat other mammals.

Are we so different I don’t think so the species shown in this video clip courtesy of lMN PRODUCTIONS and You Tube for hosting it are gentle creatures they do not wage war on others of their kind like we do if you think about it.

It has also been known for these harmless animals to help mankind in some ways; some of them have even shown gratitude to us for freeing them from careless fishermen’s nets.

And they are still hunted and MURDERED for so called research what a lot of rot sheer bloody rot

Comments are most welcome on this thorny issue I assure you so youse can all have a whinge if you wish you’ll get short thrift from me.

I now suggest you view the video on here.

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