A sad fact of war

A war we should not be in either. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

These things will always happen in war incidents that have been branded friendly fire are just sheer accidents.

No matter what the member of the Idaho Air National guard said re his supposed comment "We're in jail, dude,"

There are of course today rules yes rules for this kind of thing called rules of engagement (ROE) but to my way of thinking accidents will always happen especially in a wartime engagement; I recall when friendly fire killed a lot of British troops in Korea they just happened to be American but it was a sheer accident.

I don’t recall any courts or coroners involved it was a war.

Later in Malaya now called Malaysia I recall the Royal Air Force dropping bombs on our blokes one night it too was an accident we are all human.

Stress of this kind does not help in my opinion.

According to this report SMH an earlier investigation cleared the pilots so there was no court martial for them they were cleared of wrongdoing years ago.

This all happened by the way in 2003 there is a video of the incident on here in which the British government said this video evidence should not have been leaked; I agree with that myself.

Sadly but luckily only one man was killed the language on the tape is strong but I can understand it;

I found it odd that the US military agreed to hand over this evidence to a British coroner I mean this all happened a few years ago and it has taken this long for a coroner to make a finding on the matter more like it was needed so the family of the soldier killed could use it as evidence in a law suit.

So these National guardsmen are being requested to give evidence dragging something up that they probably still have nightmares about as they will never forget it good grief.


  1. Sir:

    Your words are true and wise on this subject. It is insane.


  2. Thank you for your comment it was appreciated

  3. Anonymous10.2.07

    Thanks for the well-considered reply. Having worked in the medical field for years, I am well aware that errors occur--making a serious error changes the life of the person who makes the mistake as well as the unfortunate recipient. When we are all perfect,there will be no more mistakes,but not before then.

  4. Thank you for your comment B and I think you are correct.
    We are all human some will just try to capitalise on these things in my opinion