Don’t get involved in our political shenanigans mate

Which is not to say I won’t yak on about yours of course Senator Obama. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How the hell Bush convinced Howard to send our troops to Iraq has us all beat sport although we do know it revolved around free trade agreements that at the time were passed over by the POTUS you are not a President yet just labelled a hopeful ok; Personally I hope Senator Clinton makes it but I read something not so good about her today also; still rather her than you about time a woman was at the helm for a change huh? I’ll tell you this as you obviously don’t know but Howard is facing an election very soon and we need as he dam well knows some sweeteners as most of the Australian public did not want to go there in the beginning. If you took those sun glasses off and took the trouble to visit our defence website you will find we are introducing conscription there are not enough of us Aussies to send the number of military Bush sent to Iraq per capita plus we have other commitments why I should have to explain such a simple thing to you is beyond my reasoning to be honest. We have a population of 20.3 M and yet the United States has a population of 298.4 M get real will yah mate, your own troops are pretty well stretched you are using your reserves I note also our defence force is at the moment purely voluntary Let’s see I am getting out the calculator ok here it is if ratios were matched to all this we should have around 8 or 9 thousand service personnel in Iraq but yeah always a but huh if we were to become a full military partner with the U S Government we would be asked to have troops in Europe, Korea and Japan as well I reckon; well most of us don’t want that and as you dam well know neither do the majority of your own people if so we would have maybe 18,000 or so I guess!! We could send more but have you stopped to think all we really want is to get the hell out of there the United Nations piss weak an organisation as they sadly are was formed for such contingencies.You need to look into this a little more before sounding off we had a Prime minister like you once made rash statements and in Parliament as well The UN are the worlds Policemen and not us or your country. Oh one other thing apart from the USA, the UK and Canada I guess you forgot your neighbour to the North did yah. How many have the Canadians got there I am including Afghanistan here stuck for words are yah? figured that and don’t forget other countries that were coerced by Bush in wilful murder either sport. I wonder what your vote in the U S Senate was on all this Hmm. Our bloke Howard probably lied as well yeah most politicians lie I have yet to meet an honest one in any country, ok the odd one might be but they are as scarce as hen's teeth These are my opinions only Source SMH

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