Whaling from an Australian Aboriginal point of view

It seems that our true indigenous people are allowed to kill or in my book murder Whales in Australian waters I think this is wrong here is a video supposedly put out by the indigenous people in Australia and yes it looks good I agree but the fact remains that these people now living in the twenty first century are permitted to commit what I term a crime.

There is no need for this they get welfare benefits much more in value than the ordinary Australian plus they get free medical care schooling etc.

They are allowed to take turtle eggs with complete and utter abandon simply because of their traditions we of course are not allowed to do this neither do we wish to.

They are permitted to harvest the Dugong a very large marine animal and long lived; also as the article says we are making ourselves hypocrites, I totally agree.

I just thought the world should know these facts as well.

I have read these rules apply to a lot of native peoples in the northern hemisphere and don’t doubt it.

We should not allow this in my opinion I have been quick off the mark in decrying the Japanese whaling but we ourselves must stop being so hypocritical when it seems we permit it also.

This practice should be nipped in the bud right now is my view.



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