Deputy Dead eye Dick lobs in toting his six guns

We all have the right to protest in our country and this sorta got a bit out of hand but I’m sorry to say we don’t need ole dead eye here or his bloody politics so I can’t really say I blamed the rioters.He will never be a Clint Eastwood Wannabe.

Frankly I wish the Vice POTUS had not come here at all we want no more talk of war at all.

Most of us just want the slaughter to end on all sides it has gone too far in my opinion.

I suppose he will address parliament I don’t know and I don’t much care to be honest but I suppose the Bush administration is a tad worried at the way the UK pulled out of Iraq or have they I did read that Prince Harry was going there Hmm. We don’t need you here we don’t need you to try and talk honest John into sending more troops to Iraq he is anyway from what I have read.

Our force in Iraq is a mere token force I know but most of the western world know it just means we agree with your policy on Iraq well we don’t and if you look a bit closer at your country you will find most of your people are sick of it now as well

Go home Dick old mate don’t wait until Sunday we don’t want you here at all unless its as a bona fide tourist then you will be welcome in the eyes of the Australian people well most of em we still have a few weirdos like you have sadly, besides you have taken my sister out of the limelight as she is visiting Sydney got in the day before you.

She is a much more welcome visitor to these shores than you will ever be in your official capacity; now as a tourist even I would greet you but not at this moment in time.


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