An addition to my climate change post.

Last week’s news of top CEOs telling Bush to get his climate act together was the beginning of the end of the global warming argument, I read here. Today’s news of a 113-nation agreement on human contribution marks the actual end. If you read it in detail it seems it is really going to get wooly ok I know I won’t be around but many folk will be and just think of the unborn children that will face this bleak looking future, it seems TEN MORE NATIONS since 2003 have now jumped on the bandwagon, let us hope there will be more. What with all the starving nations and warring factions this one is just as bad if not worse for all Mankind note please I will not be politically correct I am aware it is now called Humankind but frankly I don't give a Brass Razzoo, my children will tell you that. The evidence for climate change is definitely unquestionable. It is racing along because we have obviously aided and abetted it But it’s nice to know that 113 governments on this planet are finally ignoring the arguments against global warming and at least trying to do something about it begin dealing with that and at least this planet stands a chance.

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