This is a bit much doncha think

The military authorities at Guantanamo have actually admitted they showed David Hicks and other inmates of this shameful prison pictures of Saddam's execution; they said it could give them intellectual stimulation what B/S more like put the fear of God into their already mixed up minds thanks to the sadistic authorities there. Will anything be done about this shameful occurrence of course it won’t US Commander Robert Durand, director of public affairs at Guantanamo Bay should be fired on the spot for this shocking behaviour obviously done to wreak a confession out of these unfortunates. He won’t I bet. It seems that Canberra's federal Labor MPs have sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party speaker of the US Congress, asking for help in bringing home accused Australian terrorist David Hicks. A direct quote reads * "As members of the Australian Parliament, we ask that members of the US Congress take steps to bring about to the return to Australia of Australian citizen David Hicks, - a detainee held at Guantanamo Bay for more than five years - for prosecution here," the letter says.* " The Melbourne Age I could add to that like he has at this time never been charged why this is? Somebody’s head should roll for this Hick’s lawyers both Australian and American are outraged over this deliberate attempt to more or less force a confession from him I wonder can the authorities be charged over this terrible thing. Cannot the Commander in Chief step in here and take the buck after all its his job to take it as one well known former President once saidTHE BUCK STOPS HERE

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