Is this joker for real?

Yeah I do believe he is. But will he get the go ahead Mm well that remains to be seen I guess one could liken this state of affairs to the mess Gough Whitlam Australian Prime Minister in 1975 put forward in his budget to the tune of borrowing what were called in those turbulent times Petro Dollars to the tune of A$400.Billion needless to say the Senate turned it down. This caused the supply or budget bill to be denied, 32 years ago now but folk still talk of it. The amount proposed by the President of the United States is to me simply a horrific figure 2.9 Trillion Dollars good heavens it makes the mind boggle even though there are many more people in America than Australia. Whitlam was fired by the then Governor General Sir John Kerr causing Whitlam to say dreadful things and calling him in public Kerr’s Cur; strangely Kerr was a supporter of Whitlam’s party the Australian Labor Party possibly a member I cannot recall now In this case things are slightly different the problem is Bush is the head of state he cannot fire himself but the congress or senate (correct me if I am wrong here please) can with a process called impeachment; this process of course can take a long time. The way Bush is doing this seems to me very evil and he is in fact denying better medical treatment to the folk who need it the most the disadvantaged and battlers as we call them in Australia or to be blunt the poor, I believe this is called the Medicaid programme but it also would mean worse medical treatment for retired folk and disabled. The proposals about sending more military overseas must surely be questioned by his own party if it goes on at the rate Bush wants hardly anybody would be left to defend the USA in the UNLIKELY EVENT of an attack. Surely he does not want to leave his office like this I know I wouldn’t This budget by Bush is indeed full of debt and deception as the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Kent Conrad, said America cannot afford this the people cannot afford it. I read all this on MSNBC it makes for interesting reading there is also a video on there of the President doing his thing or trying to; I rant about our top bloke I know but he is not as bad as Bush YET at least I truly believe if the Republican Party had got in a month or so ago America’s esteem would have slumped to an all time low thank goodness the Democrats regained control. I have read he can still be impeached even though it takes a long time but after other previous impeachment proceedings on other officials of high office which really did not turn out as they should have done I find it extremely unlikely he will be impeached. My opinion of course.

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