Shake rattle n roll n more

Well ok then an earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale rattled houses in the town of Denham, 800km not Bill Haley and his comet’s after all then.

No major damage at least.

As I feared re my last post KEVIN RUDD has promised that under a Labor government there would be a more independent approach towards the alliance with the US, with no automatic compliance with every aspect of its foreign policy.

Mmm this could well be a mistake for us here in Australia I don’t like the sound of it at all

We have been warned it seems by a Jewish professor to limit the intake of Moslems well I do believe we have but we don’t need this guy telling us things like this especially saying we will be swamped by Indonesians I don’t think so mate; I shudder to think of the fuss and ado if we bibbed into his affairs

This bloke it seems is on a visit to our country I do wish he would go home we try to live in harmony here hard I know but we do try without this joker’s warning.

We even have a Muslim attempting to get into the NSW parliament I read well I don’t so much mind that as long as their religion is not shoved down our throats mind you if I lived in NSW the Muslim hopeful would not get my vote to be quite frank.



It seems Colin Powell was correct after all in relation to the Iraq invasion this paper called it an adventure I don’t think so with all the deaths on both sides, that was 1991 Desert Storm look at the shocking state of affairs in that country today the deaths of women, children all civilians and foreign Military is just simply shocking

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When 4 star General Powell at one time the US Secretary of State once warned George Bush it’s going to suck the oxygen out of everything.

General Powell by the way has a very distinguished career very distinguished even a Knight Commander of the most Honourable Order of the Bath (Honourary of course it’s a British Knighthood)

This included Afghanistan and the Taliban or as the Brits spell it Taleban; indeed our own government is much to blame on this issue.

Now good old George wants a go at Iran maybe Rudd has got a point after all;


We sure are a tough mob

I had a laugh at this it seems a bloke caught a Bronze Whaler Shark with his bare hands it was going to bite him he said THEN it turns out he had had quite a few Vodkas I read this snippet on the ABC online.

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