I had a sort of funny day yesterday.

I usually play pool with a good friend on Yahoo but she was not there I found which was odd so I played dominoes with a new pal and I was getting whipped but I stopped that naturally us blokes don’t take kindly to that cripes I can lie at times.

Actually I quite enjoyed it to be truthful the game ok I’m talking here.

I had to go in the end things to do an all that not computer related, anyways when I returned to my usual spot I thought I’ll give my good friend an pool playing opponent a buzz and strike me pink there she was hiding as usual under the cloak of invisibility that Yahoo provides.

Yep you got it she was on lol but she did not seem her bubbly self so me being the nosey bastard I am asked her what was wrong the reply was *oh I have the blahs* well I jest could not help it I cracked up.

Looked it up in the dictionary an found it was a North American expression nothing else so I am figuring she was jest miserable anyways I think I finally cheered her up.

We do joke around when chatting and I really thought I had offended her but hopefully it appears not although I haven’t heard from her today.

She really is a decent person good hearted and would help anybody within reason the way I read it.

I suspect a lot of folk in a certain state in the North Pacific area tend to take her for granted which in my opinion is not a good thing,

Being a true Aussie gent I thought she would appreciate this rose pictured below.


  1. Awwww... all you Aussie's are gentlemen! Well, most of you, okay well a few are.... :)

    I hope you didn't offend her too badly - it's nice to have a friend in the blogosphere to play with and who doesn't judge you.

    Lovely yellow roses!

  2. Thank you for your comment Heather it was much appreciated; I rarely get any as you may have seen.
    Actually my friend in question and I do confide in each other in somethings and we are playing Pool still.