What a hoot we are not stupid Mr Howard

The reason that you are not pulling out of Iraq is because of your suck up relationship with the POTUS.

You are not following Blair’s decision because he or his henchmen have seen the light regarding British troops in Iraq the public there are sick and tired of the whole shebang to be blunt as are we here in good old Ozz; why you are not is to say the least odd; Denmark has been quoted as saying it will be pulling out of Iraq this year.

Hopefully you will be ousted long before Blair retires I can’t wait mate to see you depart the scene; as I see it if the Australian labor party get elected Rudd will only leave troops in Afghanistan he says he will not agree with the US Government on sending anymore of our troops to Iraq which lets face it are only a token force.

I have also noticed you are now enquiring about the David Hicks fiasco public opinion again there with more than enough help from bloggers on this subject; only a few months ago you were adamant you and your ministers and would not consult with the POTUS on this subject why the change of heart? Is it as our American friends say covering your ass? Too bloody right it is. Yeah it seems we the public including bloggers do have a voice after all its got you worried sport I reckon.

More delay now for David Hicks re the US Courts a human rights group will appeal this ruling so more delays however I did read that these detainees in the Guantanamo hell hole have a right under US law to challenge their detention in US Courts an appeal will be lodged shortly I believe.

These detainees are not even being held on US soil only technically as it is a US Navy base on Cuba, still is I suppose.

Sources Brisbane courier mail and MSNBC

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