All hands on deck Pirates in the Southern Ocean

Piracy my butt payback I’d call it.


Japanese vessels often breach the rules regarding the whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean ok the bloke went off a bit half cocked so what we all do at times if we are honest; they have no right to be whaling in the Southern ocean at all in my opinion.

Some time ago now the Japanese rammed a Greenpeace ship in the same ocean called the Arctic Sunrise shown here from a video I posted with you tube it gets really interesting towards the end and the interviewer be heard and seen, I am presuming the shouts are from both vessels.

Back to the present another ship involved with in my opinion another Japanese Whaler a Greenpeace ship was also around somewhere.

This captain one Captain Paul Watson rammed the Japanese whaler with his ship the Farley Mowat.

They the fourth estate had the hide to call him a pirate what a joke he was labeled an Eco terrorist another sick joke.

Good onyah Paul I support your action mate.

You will find all this Hoo Ha on here SMH the rubbish the Japanese put out good heavens its about time somebody with some spine stood up to them just like the free world had to do in WW11; yeah I consider it payback as well as breaching an agreement this agreement has recently been changed I believe but it is not ratified yet as far as I know.

One more thing I am not a racist re my words on payback but I hated the little jokers in them days that’s for sure.

Photo: Angela Wylie

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