A news item which I think is not exactly good for us in here in Australia

It is the news that our present government after 3 years of SECRET negotiations is the building of a US Base in Western Australia the reason to help thwart terrorism all very well in principle but whatever this paper says it is mainly for the USA one wonders whether we will be privy to any data gleaned from this base will it draw the attention of these terrorists to us I personally think it will.

We seem to have a better opposition leader than I once thought as our Australian Labor Party’s Caucus was never in agreement on these types of deals and from memory are still not in agreement on such matters and the Caucus decides their policy so Rudd must have a fair bit of influence in Caucus

On the other hand the Liberal Party is in the main in agreement on most policy decisions mooted at their conferences.

So in my considered opinion it will not bode as well for the USA if the Australian Labor Party gets voted into office.

I personally am not keen on getting offside with the USA at the same time I am along with most of us here sick of our present government.

If you get elected Mr Rudd I do hope you will think of this.

I am opposed of course to the Iraq war always was but I do see the need to withdraw with a little decorum as it will lower the esteem of the USA even more so.

Think on it mate it needs to be strategically done the American Democrats I believe are of the same view remember Labor and the Democrats are from the same mould.

Face was lost over Vietnam and it looks like it will here sadly for all coalition members

Comparison of the Australian Party courtesy of Wiki

US Base courtesy of The Melbourne Age

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