The Dwarving of Pluto

Scientists are or can be a strange lot at times and this heated debate about Pluto to me is just plain B/S as far as I can gather after reading this [REPORT], I was tempted not to Blog this but changed my mind a tad especially as to the reasons given by this crazy mob in Prague. They live in their own little worlds excuse the pun and care not what the great unwashed think one iota. It would seem it was demoted as a planet but now classed as a Dwarf such {CRAP} in our solar system causing a lot of controversy and money etc yes money as teachers and the like now have to update textbooks etc and really who actually among us ordinary folk really gives a #### I don’t but being very interested in outer space I care a little yes and I notice the reason given is this “Pluto was disqualified because its oblong orbit overlaps with Neptune's. Xena also does not make the grade of being a planet, and will also be known as a dwarf planet” This is akin to saying ah little Johnny he’s a weirdo he wont walk in a straight line he insists on zigzagging this does not make him less human of course. It goes on to say the public will be upset yeah well I am hows about you put more effort into finding cures for age old diseases instead of all this mumbo jumbo. According to this [source] you will notice it orbits the sun just like all the other planets and yet The scientists agreed that, to be called a planet, a celestial body must be in orbit around a star while not itself being a star this is a direct quote a bit of a contradiction there I would say as it does orbit around the Sun yes of course the Sun at the moment is a star will they declassify that I wonder. Who knows with these maverick Einsteins. And so folks this is the new Solar System as decided by these knuckle heads.

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