Fight back

Isn’t it about time we got tough with the Japanese over their senseless whale slaughtering well I think so, is there nothing we can do there must be surely. this site is dedicated to{ whales}.These folk are not frightened Howard why are you? It seems our beloved (to some) federal government is opposing a law suit against Kyodo Senpaku that will force our Government to take action against this whaling company who is killing whales in OUR Antarctic sanctuary it has been declared as such. I have a few suggestions but sadly they will not work. One resume all Japanese property in Australia. Two stop exporting them our beef let them get it elsewhere. Three raise import duty on their cars forcing them more loss of income and forcing us to buy Australian instead indeed all Japanese products. Of course none of these things are really feasible I guess but we can and should call the Japanese ambassador in and inform him that if this slaughter (which is not needed by the way for the excuse the Japanese give) continues we will blockade their whaling ships and get tough with them and I mean tough we have bent over backwards to cultivate them and we are repaid in this way they have. They call us Gaijin I loathe the term. I think Howard is frightened of provoking them personally. There are times when I wish I was the PM. So the message is Howard get tough ok and get them out of our sanctuary ok like yesterday. REMEMBER there are millions maybe billions in this world who like these oh so gentle creatures. Their environment is bad enough as it is what with the lengthy travels they make to play and breed and also feed and encountering fishing lines nets what have you. They don’t need a once barbaric race (are they still one wonders) to kill them off as they tried to do with the Chinese, Koreans and even us Westerners. This report makes for some very interersting {reading} if you are a whale lover.

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