A tragic waste in a way

From this [source] I read it appears a young 21 year old Sailor a Petty Officer serving on a US Submarine the USS Albuquerque(Los Angeles Class) has been charged with spying. Whatever the temptation and thoughts he had goes overboard; in my opinion he committed treason. There was a time when execution was the penalty if proven guilty but I think that is over now but not knowing American military or civil law I honestly don’t know. He was listed as a deserter hence his arrest. If he did not like the navy so much why did he not Endeavour to get out of his contract? Maybe it is not the norm in the USA but I do know it can be done here. An officer will decide whether to pursue these charges but he has done this several times so the future is not looking rosy for this bloke. I myself can see no mitigating circumstances although no doubt it will come out at his trial. He is or was serving his country and no matter what his thoughts he has been accused and by naming him throws little doubt on it unless naval authorities do this in the USA and they will for sure. What a tragic waste of a young man’s life.

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