A SORT OF STAR OF DAVID BADGE to be worn I sometimes wonder what this world is coming to I really do. It all stems from this report that I read in the National Post (Canada) a [news] story and column by Iranian-born analyst Amir Taheri reporting that the Iranian parliament had passed a sweeping new law this week outlining proper dress for Iran’s majority Muslims, including an order for Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians (yeah I had to look the last one up and am not much wiser lol) to wear special strips of cloth. According to the reports, Jews were to wear yellow cloth strips, called zonnar, while Christians were to wear red and Zoroastrians blue. I was at once going to write a scathing piece denouncing it as it brought to mind visions of the Holocaust in WW11 where a similar law was enforced; however it now seems that the Post has admitted there is no real truth in it; all the same I wonder. I was not aware that so many Jews and Christians lived in Iran and that other mob as well, sadly I cannot give the figures as it seems they are not on the site now; however one member of the Iranian Parliament is a Jew which I must admit I found odd. All the same there is something in this even though the [Jerusalem Post] denies it as internal Security Minister Avi Dichter responded to the new law Friday night, saying, "Whoever makes Jews anywhere wear the yellow star again, will find themselves in a coffin draped in black." I myself reckon there is something in this as the purpose of this strenuously denied law I quote” The purpose for the law was to prevent Muslims from becoming NAJIS {"unclean"} by accidentally shaking the hands of non-Muslims in public” unquote. According to [Wiki] there is a draft of this so called law before the Iranian Parliament. As to being unclean well having seen Moslems on the streets in Moslem countries filthy dirty and in one country crawling with lice; huge beasties as well I really don’t know what all the ruckus is about; ah silly me all this right hand business is what it’s about if true. But there definitely is something in these reports and they loathe westerners and they wonder why we loathe them. Personally I have stuck up for these countries on human rights issues and still will but it sure leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

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