One wonders why this mob that I am not that fond of for various reasons wish to stick their big oar in this conflict. We have enough troops there as it is under various disguises but of course silly me these are Muslims. Better you stay away we in Australia for all Howard’s sucking up to you are not that fond of you as a government and I guess you are not fond of us either. We made a huge error by actually allowing you to conduct joint exercises with us and our true allies some years ago in the north of Australia. That was soon stopped then you stuck your oar in in East Timor as well. Another bone of contention I and a lot of Australians have is your handling of that affair and more so the New Guinea one They don’t care for you much either and it seems some mark you not all but some of your troops are just plain THUGS. Hows about you GOOSE STEP your way to Afghanistan and Iraq use your brand of thuggery there. Sort out the insurgents in those two countries. I don’t hate Muslims or Jews but you will not help by going into an already declared war zone I’m sure the UN will in the end sort things out hopefully. In fact I just heard on the news a solution seems to be in sight and Israel has agreed, So you will not be needed to help the already strained situation there You will be just another mob to be watched closely and very closely I might add. [Source ] Maybe all your sucking up to Mr George Bush was in vain! I for one certainly hope so.

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