Yeah well I did mine

Yay we are really getting modern in the land down under that flaming Census form is here again and you can fill it in online; I really don’t care where I am on census night to be honest as they accepted my census so as far as I’m concerned it’s over and done with for another five years. If I suddenly am killed I won’t worry for starters, if I end up in hospital that night (hopefully not) I shall just inform them I have been counted in but if they wish to lodge me on their form that’s their worry not mine lol; to be honest I have often wondered every five years how they do that it must be one hell of a job; special forms I guess who know s who cares mine is done and that’s the end of it. I was discussing this subject with a friend in the USA and was told theirs is every ten years but she did wish they did tax returns online. I looked into that and yep good old Australia does leading the world AGAIN good old OZ a beaut and technical country. As requested this is my {source}.

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