Where I live

Here are a few pics of my local beaches and river in Maroochydore Queensland Australia other wise known as the Sunshine coast,These are all taken in our winter by the way. This area stretches a considerable way from Noosa Heads in the North to Caloundra in the South. This is the local Marina I buy my fresh fish from here sometimes straight off the trawlers. Caloundra also has a private air museum well worth the entrance fee I assure you; it’s also possible to purchase a ride on a helicopter if you wish. Me well having been in Military ones it never crossed my mind to be honest. Noosa is a sort of Mediterranean type of place you know little bars and cafes on the pathways or sidewalks I call them pavements myself. Still most of the Sunshine coast has this type of arrangement of eating out in the open or alfresco as posh folk call it, heaven knows why. Then there are the ranges in the hinterland this is a view of the Pacific from there beaut huh? Many tourist shops abound here and even a local watering hole which from the outside looks like a British Pub there the resemblance ends as its pure Aussie inside. Below is the Pub. Still with a mild winter climate why not indeed most folk in the Northern Hemisphere would not think it winter, still Spring has zoomed in pretty fast this year. This shop below is a delight for tourists. . This area is of course a Tourist resort so it can be a pain at times living here it's expensive for us locals sadly and to park a car yeah I don’t want to go there thank you. Between Blogger acting up and it sure acted up earlier this morning and a power cut some storm I guess but I never heard it I was so peeved I nearly threw this computer out of the window and I want to put another picture on yet but I will not tempt fate but enjoy the view and join the queue or line for your tourist Visa. Before you browse away here is a shot of a local market which sells anything well almost open every Sunday whatever the weather.


  1. Wow ... that's a pretty area. I would love to live that close to the beach. As such, we're a good 9-10 hour drive away. My wife is sensitive to the sun, anyway, so I guess it works out okay.

    Great pics!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jason yes I do like it here really tourists and all and that village up in the ranges is truly a great spot these pics only show you a tiny bit really sadly.
    You sure are a long way from the beach in 9 hours I can drive way up to far north tropical Queensland beaut there