Beattie’s Death Knell?

WELL I HOPE NOT Ok yeah you look and act like an affable bloke going around on the election trail with yer Akubra Hat on yer head but that’s not enough mate. Far too many to list here but one in particular sticks in my craw Medical. I am slowly going blind here waiting for a cataract removal three years now awaiting and hey GET THIS the surgery procedure is down to around six minutes now compared to the twenty when I had one eye done (good old eye he’s taking a beating as it’s just a blur out of the other eye) I get phone calls, letters etc oh yes I am or was on the short list as well. BUT it was insisted I take another eye test at the taxpayer’s expense when it’s bloody obvious that I have had these tests. Yeah I did down in NSW; the waiting time there was only eighteen months before getting a Seeing Eye dog. Don’t forget the electricity reform you promised as we have yet to see it. If the opposition wasn’t so bloody weak I would be tempted to vote for them at least you are not a clown like their bloke. He is a complete and utter ###### in my opinion. Still you are getting there yourself so be warned Peter all is not well in Qld at the moment. My suggestions are pull your bloody finger out like yesterday and do things in a proper manner. [Info] Much more detailed info [here]

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