More Plutonian capers

This mission is well to say the least obsolete. I very much liked the tact and diplomacy of NASA’S Administrator Michael Griffin in his statement regarding the New Horizons spacecraft on its mission to the now whittled down solar system due to be launched in January 2007 Thanks to all those astronomers from the International Astronomical Union who in my opinion have royally stuffed up their decision to revamp the solar system to their way of thinking not that I will pay them any heed; bunch of morons. At least this mission will go on thank goodness; yes I know it will cost a lot of money; money that at one time I thought was wasteful but I have changed my opinion somewhat as when you think about it humankind is always seeking new knowledge, we would never have progressed like we have if we were not curious it’s In our nature I guess and just a thought it could well be possible to dump that bloke who despises Israel what’s his name now ah yes the Iranian Ahmadinejad that’s the bloke on the now reduced in rank Pluto. Thankfully then we should hear no more of this upstart who it seems will not gel with the rest of the world (he needs a shave as well) where was I? Ah yes the new horizons mission, it seems that scientists are captivated by Pluto so that must be the 90% who were for some odd reason denied the right to vote on that stupid decision to downgrade such a beautiful looking planet as depicted in an earlier post of mine yes a planet in my opinion to a dwarf. I just hope I am still alive to see the expected images in 2015 that hopefully will be beamed back to Earth {we are a planet and not a dwarf I hope} well one never knows with the IAU around. Space aircraft and ships sort of hold a fascination for me I know not why they just do. I read all this on[ here] and it makes for very interesting reading. It also states that Pluto orbits the sun every 248 years and has a moon or two, sadly it also uses the dreaded word Dwarf; strangely it also states that Earth is a misfit in all this; I find that odd very odd. Ah well roll on 2015 ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

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