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I read this with great interest as I suffer from it myself. My Doctor offered me the test indeed he made out a referral to ensure I got one done and if he saw me downtown he nagged me until I had one. Also it is advertised in pharmacies in every state in Australia I have been to; I have been to a few as well so I tend to think this report a load of bull myself. Most of my neighbours who are elderly like me have been tested for it as well as a matter of fact it cropped up in a conversation the other day before I saw this [report]. Just goes to show that you cannot believe all these things published by the fourth estate in my opinion. Doctors here are very aware of this problem in fact I would say it is most likely the patient who does not bother to have these tests done. I myself never until I realised that was the reason I kept breaking bones just simply falling. I am talking simple falls here where usually you only cop a sprain not a fracture. What is more this test is free or if you have money one just claims it back on their health plan. The treatment is only a once a week tablet (pill) So yeah another piece of junk to write to sell newspapers I guess just my opinion of course.

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