Looks a tad like Captain Kirk's Ship the Enterprise I thought. Well in two years at least and NASA will be using our Woomera base to launch a rocket to the ISS so I read [here] this morning courtesy of the South Australia Advertiser. I hope I am still around to watch this as I have always been interested in outer space long before any rockets left Earth although I did have the nasty experience of seeing Hitler’s rockets soaring over England in WW11 but all this is in my wartime memories. Another space concept I have read about is the ATV Vehicle pictured here (an artist’s impression). but if it has not yet happened well it will; it seems a better idea than costly launches by NASA shuttle craft as well in my opinion. What I would really like to know with billions of others is this (IS THERE LIFE SIMILAR TO US) I sure hope so as I fail to see in this vast Galaxy we live in that this is not possible in fact it has to be I mean why not is all this for us and us alone? I don’t think so. When I mean life I don’t mean lichen either which has some scientists in such frenzy; ok it is life but I mean people like you or I not some piece of moss and such. I am now resigned to the fact that the so called aliens discovered near Rockwell was a hoax purported by the US Government as well. For some time I also believed this [depicted] and am still trying to but I have doubts but for anybody interested in space this is a must they are supposed to be actual conversations or the transcripts of them but you must read it properly to understand it. The best way is to click on every link and you will be fascinated by what is described here The best link is here this is actually a movie filmed in March 2006 by [Crystal ]Productions and goes for some 13 or 16 minutes depending on choice; I opted for the longer one and I must admit it has reawakened me a tad in Serpo Interview with Bill Ryan at Laughlin, Nevada UFO Congress March 2006. Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy Music by Rick Katz and Kerry Lynn Cassidy For more information go to:[ I trust you who are interested in outer space will be interested in this you know it sounds very feasible even though there are a few inconsistencies minor ones in my view see it has sparked me up again oh boy I will be dreaming of this tonight This below is an actual quote from the home page of this (I truly want to believe) serpo website {“I printed all the information... and provided the retired USAF Colonel] a copy... I watched his eyes and facial expressions. After he was finished, he stated, 'Oh my God, who on this Earth would release such classified material?' I then asked him if all this information was real. His simple answer was, 'Yes, all real'.”} Air Force Lieutenant Colonel currently assigned to the Pentagon (name supplied) I sure hope I have piqued your interest it gave me a reminder all stemming from a news article I read today. Images courtesy of NASA

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