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Nothing new in this as I see it; it goes on all over the place even in other countries. Dangerous yes of course; illegal again yes but it will I fear never be stamped out, in fact I think it will get worse and worse. The state of New South Wales at one time even had FREE yes you got it free injection rooms so heroin addicts could shoot up, whether they still have I don’t know I moved to sunny Queensland but it may go on here but I can’t be bothered really in checking anymore. Now I am not an old fuddy duddy well belay the old as I am getting on in years. I have smoked pot on several occasions if the truth be told I dare say a lot of us have. Pot is also a good pain reliever in my considered opinion as well. Upon reading this so called study there are errors in it as a lot are tested here before starting work this includes our military and our police services (they seem to prefer the word service to force I know not why) Commenting further on this not so accurate report from {Source}. When I worked I used to go up the pub lunch time and have a couple of beers myself but none of us who did this ever got smashed; like this mob seems to be getting stoned. All I agree with is it is dangerous but it will get no better in my opinion only worse. All governments in this country of ours need to look into this far more than being concerned with banning smoking (another drug) just ask yourself this question Quote” WAS OUR COUNTRY A DANGEROUS PLACE WHEN ONLY GROG AND TOBACCO WERE THE MAIN DRUGS USED OK AND A LITTLE POT” Unquote no it wasn’t but now we have all sorts of drugs there are so many that I haven’t the patience to type them all in and whose fault is it our governments fault is who, and now we have a new study to read which costs money and for what as it is a tad late now to stem this; still I guess the revenue spent is tripled with FINES ON SMOKERS. ```~~~```~~~```~~~```~~~```

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