Opal Country

I have been to Lightning Ridge once and found it to be a modern place in the far North of NSW it was not of course a few years ago but still it did boast a Pub now it boasts a bowling club as well as a Pistol and tennis club quite modern as well. Motels and caravan parks (trailer parks) are here for the traveller now half a dozen or so I just had a few beers at the pub there and slept in my car when I went. [Source]. When I first drove up to Lightning Ridge from Sydney it was a dirt road if you could call it a road now it seems it has a sealed road and flights into the ridge and out naturally It’s situated on the edge of the beginning of the outback as shown on this map and is legendary for its black opals. There are fossicking areas where who knows you could make a fortune and after freshening up you can even play golf but don’t get your hopes up as its greens are sand from an old opal field; it even boasts a Goat race yes I did say Goat. This site if you are interested in fossicking should be of great interest [Lost] Sea Opals I do have a friend who is interested in this sort of thing so I hope she reads it.

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