Another Clown South African I'd say

Dolphins are not in my estimation stupid as this [report] says good grief they have been used doing various tasks for Navies in the world notably the US Navy and also the old Soviet Navy and all this started way back in the sixties. Something is very wrong with this study (yeah another useless study) by the Witwatersrand’s University situated in South Africa I would say. This [site] could save your grant for your study quite easily just send any monies to me after reading this I meant that. Paul Manger yeah well look into it a little further before stating such idiotic facts as I can assure you that no dolphin, porpoise or whale is stupid I guess that honour goes to you; methinks you are the stupid one. now this [site] is a real goodie I reckon. I have other names I could call you but I would not dignify myself by doing that; it would belittle me not you if I did. Just put up and shut up willya.

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