Hundreds of Millions Huh

I have just read an interesting article in the Sydney morning Herald on speeding fines; it seems a Judge ruled all cases [invalid] since 1999 so I may get some money back as I copped a couple well to be honest more than a couple between 1999 and 2003 so here’s hoping for a tax free windfall from the NSW government. And now I copped one in Qld but theirs is much cheaper and I was speeding but I may not have been speeding in NSW. The way I read it no money will be forthcoming but when somebody lodges a lawsuit and they will then yep I just might get some extra bucks, one wonders about interest on this money but I’m sure some joker will fix that up so I am feeling good today now bloody oath I am. ```````````````````````````````````````````


  1. I think between 1999 and 2003 I had eight speeding tickets here in the states. The best one was for going 31 miles per hour in a 20 mile per hour zone. I laughed at the police officer.

    When I made my court appearance, the judge looked at the ticket and said, "31 miles per hour? Get out of here."

    If they refunded my money from the tickets I'd paid in that time, I'd have about $750 American. I wonder if your government will allow you to sue the state for the higher insurance premiums you've had to pay for being a fast driver?

    Worth thinking about.

  2. They would not laugh in NSW maybe up here in Qld and I can’t say about the other states but I do know it’s considered a crime here in every state.
    In NSW they I would say are the worst and the fines are hefty down there and 4 demerit points for each offence and double points; here’s the kicker in all states we are only allowed to accrue 12 demerit points and it’s a loss of your licence which is up to a Magistrate or Judge to decide; these points stay on that licence for 2 years now it seems.
    I’ve lost mine a few times; I still drove of course but I was young then I would not now.
    I guess you won’t emigrate now after hearing that lol.
    I do have a story re it but I might do a quick post for it as nobody believes it happened; it did though.
    All the same I would have laughed at the cop at what happened to you thanks for commenting mate.
    I guess I would have to sue the NSW government but somebody will I reckon and it will be a test case I think; if a test case goes against the NSW government well yep all offenders in that timeframe would be reimbursed.
    Seems I am living in the wrong country 31 mph (50 kilometres an hour) cripes that’s nothing