I Have decided

I think I will stop posting for a while as I have a number of reasons. 1- I rarely if ever get a comment 2- On the rare occasion when I have it is usually from the same two bloggers and then it is not frequent. Myself I comment on several blogs some better in my opinion of course than others; I do however make a comment. We are all entitled to our opinions naturally. I have also seen some blogs which are very well written and no doubt different than mine but it’s the same old nobody ever bothers to comment on them either well sometimes but it is rare. So I am taking a good month’s sabbatical on blogging on blogspot at any rate. I do have another blog well 2 more in fact and I seem to get more comments on them than on blogspot. Also blogspot seems to have this dammed Beta in operation which at the moment is not working so well at the moment for me at any rate. Another thing I have come across all to frequently in this world of blogging is how folk seem to blog on the same subject as I myself have possibly leaked to somebody via a chat on instant messenger. It seemed to be a good idea at the time and I in fact still like blogging but I will be more circumspect in the future I think. Will be back maybe on the battle of Britain memorial day.


  1. Comments are weird. I'll post stuff sometimes that I think well get a lot of response and then, well, I get the Internet version of crickets chirping.

    You are the only person who consistantly comments on my stuff.

    Then I'll write something mundane that I think is boring and five or six people will start discussing it.

    Either way, my traffic stays about the same, so people are still reading you, they just aren't compelled to respond.

    Sometimes I write about controversial stuff just to goad some responses. That works from time-to-time.

    But you shouldn't take it as no one is paying attention. We are.

  2. Thanks’ for your vote of confidence Jason; yes I guess you are correct.
    Another factor I think is that Australia has their own blog programmes the problem is I much prefer this one despite all my whinging to the contrary about the new Beta version of this one and I am used to the interface on it now.
    I never could join My Space by the way invalid e-mail address kept popping up; I did however join Utube; I found that fascinating and I would never have joined it if I had not noticed you posted stuff from there.
    Thanks for your support mate.