Enough to make Grandma turn over in her grave

Just look at these headlines every time you look at the world head lines a few examples will show you so there’s this Israel rejects Hezbollah's cease-fire offer then this Two killed in Gaza by tank shell more yet this is just the start Australia Will Investigate Report of Anti-Israel Terror Threat oh yeah it just goes on and on and on Four Nato soldiers die in attacks: Kandahar blast claims 21 lives it seems this list is endless Cuba to Defend Against US Interference I mean I don’t know about you but this and far much worse is showing up everyday; I read this and wonder if we are not perhaps turning into the savages we once were some 60.000 years ago never mind all that rot that history began just over 5000 years ago because it has been established beyond any doubt that we were approaching some form of civilisation even way back then. I got all these reports on Google news by the way well ok I also read them in my local media but so what; are we us enlightened people of the twenty first century barbarians? Well there are surely times when we act like it. Bad choice of words really as we are definitely slipping into crazed animals at times I think myself at least, youse can all make your own mind up on that score. There are days when I am very wary of opening a newspaper or reading it online for fear that in the night world war three started in earnest. One day it will if we keep up the way we are going; PAY ATTENTION ISRAEL, HEZBOLLAH, THE TALIBAN, OSAMA BIN LADEN in fact all of you who are contributing to our demise. The end could well be nigh and all the Arab countries will alas have no paradise, and neither will we the followers of the little and great Satan; we like to believe in it too even though a lot of us are sceptical. So for all our sakes both yours and ours stop this mindless slaughter before its too late and we will all or most of us be dead. {Source}

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