Did I read this correctly?

As I see it his American military lawyer Major Mori seems to be trying to do more for David Hicks than his own government. I reckon he was in the wrong place at the right time for the USA and it's Allies personally. A direct quote “Major Mori said the Australian government had abandoned Hicks to an illegal process and indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay, even though he had not broken any Australian laws” unquote. So it seems he may well be forced to spend another 2 ½ years in the hellhole of Guantanamo detention camp. All British born Moslems were released as was one Australian Non Australian Born Moslem but not David is it because he is Australian born? Who knows? Our Attorney-General Philip Ruddock who to me is a complete Asshole has assured us he will not get the death penalty although Major Mori U S Military said it is likely if found guilty. One might say there is no smoke without fire and I can agree with that BUT no Geneva signing was ever done; the United States Supreme court has ruled these military commissions illegal so the whole question is WHY. This I believe is trying to be overturned By the U S Congress I read. To be fair I have heard a lot of Aussies condemning him but I myself although ex Military do not. I suggest RUDDOCK you get off your ass and fly to the USA and demand that something be done; even your own Daughter disowned you over the harsh treatments condoned by you and meted out in our detention centres WAKE UP MAN come to your senses. Thanks to [News com] for this news report.

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