Seems the Solar system is being shrunk you are next on the list Neptune old mate

FAREWELL NEPTUNE YOU ARE RAPIDLY APPROACHING YOUR USE BY DATE R.I.P. What a beaut looking Planet. Yep these Dorks have made us the laughing stock of the universe are you getting all this citizens of the Alpha Centauri system it will be soooo much easier for you to invade a much reduced Solar System please promise me one thing any chance you could ship these lunatics the International Astronomical Union (IAU) off to some far distant galaxy if and when you arrive before your system is downgraded also. I have never read such rubbish in all my life it goes like a second rate movie. Hardly any of these so call scientists’ voted only around 10% so I read the other day. I notice that Indian Astronomers are not amused either; when I first started writing about this inspired I must admit by a blog I visit here quite an interesting [blog] as well; I never really gave it much thought but I am out of the Dunce’s corner now these jokers are in line for their Dunce’s hats Indeed there are rumblings that our Moon could get Planet status Hm what a load of rubbish the Moon is a satellite as indeed are all other debris orbiting Earth. God what are these clowns thinking of. I read the comments on the source and they were as bad as mine regarding these so called scientific folk. So that’s two down how many more to go before our system fits into their parameters. [Source] `````````````````````````````````````````````````

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