This is not good for the game

There is always controversy when umpire Darrell Hair is officiating at cricket and it’s only fair to note that he is always accusing players from the Sub Continent; mind you after seeing Pakistan in action something is afoot. I myself reckon that he was correct in this decision as well “in 1995 he called Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan for chucking - using an illegal bowling action”. However it was checked and found it was not so; many of us think he still was and I noticed his shirt was different than the other players in the sleeves to cover his arm action when bowling; but it is claimed he suffered from some illness or other and the end result was a misshapen elbow. He most likely did have this illness but I reckon he was a chucker even after the bowling great Dennis Lillee said he checked out ok but I digress I have to get back to [Pakistan] a nation of fine cricketers but this is not the first time they have been accused of ball tampering. To be fair most teams have been accused of it strangely enough it usually happens on the Sub Continent. England was accused of it but sweet talked their way out of it. Possibly our blokes have as well to be honest (ah not us we are not cheats) but whatever as this report says it is a 129 years since this has happened a long time between drinks wouldn’t you say. Still a grand game cricket although I don’t think my American friends would think so This site has more on [this] How George got in on this is a mystery indeed and there are 7 or 8 images of him practicing the game oh boy what a hoot. You will get your eye in George mate LMAO. ````````````````````````````````````````


  1. I love to know that people from around the world are as astonished the American people elected such a moron as I am. Quite frankly, I'm ashamed to say our political system here has evolved to the point that the people aren't really represented by the people elected since 75 percent of the people don't bother to vote.

    Thankfully, we have term limits and Bush has to leave after 2008. What happens then is still up in the air.

    God help us not elect another Republican.

  2. I am not well versed in American politics but George yeah sadly he acts like a clown and has dragged the USA and my country as well as others into going to bat for him; was he elected this is the point? As I recall it was a court decision the first time not good.
    Yep he will surely go down in my humble opinion as the worst President you have had I think sad really as it does not look good and reflects on the American people and makes it look bad for him; which is not a good note to go out on.
    I too have my doubts on the Democrats getting a President elected but for you and the rest of the world I certainly hope one does get elected.
    He seems to enjoy playing the fool which is why I shoved him on this post.
    We have to vote here in federal, state and council or what you call municipal elections if not it is a hefty fine a good thing or a bad thing well there are two schools of thought on that issue.
    Money plays a large part in your elections I think still I guess that’s the price that American democracy has.
    Thanks for commenting mate much appreciated