Hey get this that mongrel Hair is sooo sorry re that e-mail

Too late matey you have done your dash and I hope heaps of the fourth estate front up on your door step. Remember that old saying LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP yeah well I have never forgotten it. My Dad taught me well and it sunk in, with you it obviously hasn’t sunk in and you are still one greedy mongrel as well. Some of your dubious umpiring decisions I in fact agreed with but brother you are low as I said in another blog rant a few days ago AND it is being read as well; these things tend to get around sport stop over there with the Poms ok. You are a disgrace to Australian umpires Pommy ones as well no doubt! I am only wondering what that excellent if not the worlds best umpire at the time DICKY BIRD thinks of all this a Pom of course and a fair man at that. Doctor W, G Grace would have had a few words to say to you methinks if this had been in his day; you do know who I mean I hope THE FATHER OF ENGLISH CRICKET All cricket I think. pictured below. Even our players were very respectful when playing against the old enemy. You sir are not a gentleman. [Source] ``````````````````````````````````````````````````

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