A real brief glimpse of today

It seems that everyday when I look at online news all it is fighting or killing so much so that I get fed up of reading it and so I get fed up of writing articles about these events on my Blog. Hardly anyone reads them; if they do well I rarely get a comment; I do sometimes but it seems to be rare. I know next to nothing about American politics although I have been trying to get a handle on things re their political scene so I am not passing comments on posts I see of that nature for a while at least. I will stick to our Aussie political scene I think and they are rarely commented on either. Sometimes I wonder whether this Blogging does any good still I will keep at it a while longer but I may lessen the number of blog posts I make; I get disheartened when hardly anyone makes a comment. This is what I noticed tonight while perusing the headlines. Also in Breaking World News • Hungary: Man taps into major oil pipeline • 33 more feared dead in Pakistan rains • Pakistan: At least 13 killed in van accident • Heather locked out of Sir Paul's home • Jakarta: New Indon bird flu deaths confirmed • Baghdad: Iraq bombs toll climbs to 19 • Sri Lanka: Colombo car bomb kills two • Beirut: Lebanon 'hoping' for cease fire • Colombo: Bomb rocks Sri Lanka capital • Tyre: Israel warns of more strikes • Dili: 40 youths arrested in fresh Timor unrest • Wheat: AWB faces Iraq 'compo' bill • New Zealand: 'Warrior' gene blamed for Maori violence • Jerusalem: Israeli army, Hezbollah in fierce clashes • Auckland: Kiwis start staying home Makes you think just what sort of a world we all live in today In the main it is all war stories of course the [source] is here.

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