Odd news from hither and yon.

I just love this one our good old I am not retiring Prime minister has been given a goat lol well he is 67 by the foreign affairs opposition spokesman one Kevin Rudd, It’s not what you are thinking folks it was really in aid of helping the people of the Sudan but I found it very apt lol. {Source} ``````````````````````````````````` Seems what appears to be a large Jaguar no not the XK model an exotic large cat is roaming around the Hawkesbury area and boy does it eat a lot so look out peoples of the Hawkesbury. {source} ``````````````````````` What a bummer for these three cons who busted out of gaol and hitched a lift with yep a Cop car lol.{source}. ```````````````````````````````` This last one is not really funny I guess it seems that a 91 year old bloke from Germany brought MORE than 20.000 bees into his home but escaped serious injury; he sure was lucky I reckon; fought them off with a brush; plucky bloke for sure. {Source.}

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