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In Scotland sadly and not the land down under, friends I e-mail in the UK have told me the rates for provider’s and I had a nasty shock; do something Howard about this will you if you want votes as we are now getting sick and tired of being stuffed around. Like most politicians you are full of crap and looking out for yourself. Attractive price offers, which include "free" broadband from some of the telecommunication companies, has resulted in the number of the higher speed connections soaring in the last year. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in June 73% of homes with online connections were using broadband - up from 54.4% in June last year. Dial-up now accounts for just 27% of the market. 48% of households in Scotland now have some form of Internet connection, but that is somewhat lower than the south-east of England, where 66% of homes are now online. Take note all you greedy provider’s in Australia including Telstra under the guise of Bigpond ok separate companies and yet not separate youse are still greedy. of course you can have an American appointed to run your flagging company you just did he was fired with a bloody great golden handshake. Why that ever happened is all beyond me what is wrong with an Australian to run an Australian company? sweetheart deal somewhere Hm!!! food for thought but. You would also note that the speeds in the UK and Europe are very fast compared to Australia and the USA Australia is the lowest of course; if you care to look that is. We need to get rid of Telstra and its monopoly on telephone lines also as BEWARE if you change your phone provider to another mob you will instantly go on TELSTRA’S HIGHEST rate of rental as a penalty for freedom of choice. Courtesy Scottish snippets[Thanks]

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