A close call

This report popped into my mailbox this morning from the Brisbane Sunday Mail and as you can see it was dated yesterday SUNDAY AUGUST Thirteen 2006 a silly prank by teenagers I guess and dangerous and stupid into the bargain BUT it happened on JANUARY one 2002 so why has it taken the Qld government so long to show this event well over 4 years ago Good God Mr Beattie and you are hoping for re-election with your transport minister stating its horrifying; of course it was but why wait until now to tell and indeed show footage of it on [here] Seems to me these young Yahoos were just grogged up still celebrating the New Year. Personally I feel sorry for the train driver; it must have been one hell of a shock for him. These things happen with lots of young people these days I guess they always did but they know the difference between right and wrong I know I did and I was no Angel I assure you.

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