I have just read a report about the ignorance of some Australian teachers you know the grim people that try to educate our youth and guess what!! They are not as smart as they were 20 years ago; I agree whole heartedly they are not some cannot even spell for goodness sake good grief what is this world of ours coming to on second thoughts don’t answer that don’t even try it will get worse I reckon. Don’t get me wrong there are ones who are very literate but sadly they are in a minority in Australia at least, probably like it in most western nation’s truth be told. [Source] I know this for a fact even when my wife and I TRIED I stress that tried by the way were looking after foster children our own having flown the coop. I found they the teachers did not know their ABC or world geography (the foster kids were not that smart either except one boy) but were always wanting pay rises. I blame our state governments for employing these teachers male and female. This direct quote “The Australian study by economists Andrew Leigh and Chris Ryan from the Australian National University finds the failure of teachers' pay to keep pace with other professions and the fact that teachers are not paid on merit are key factors in the decline of standards” to me is utter B/S. A dedicated teacher like the ones we had way back in the 40’s and 50’s are now as dead as a DODO. All this is of course the voters fault deep down as these things should have been on political party’s mandates at the polls but no doubt we never questioned them on that. The onus is now on us to lobby our members of the various state government body’s concerned. Suggestion “if they are that dense why not import some from countries who care about children” and one other thing. Make sure these kids go to school as half the time they wag and are off to the beach or whatever, nothing happens about this just the usual talk; we need more than talk but above all else we need teachers who are educated and not dimwits as they are being portrayed on my reading of these reports. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

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